Colfax game hits the road after power outage

Falcons continued win-streak after changing game locations
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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When the stadium went dark four minutes and eight seconds into the Colfax High football game Friday night, rather than complain, Glenn Young went into action. With a stage four PG&E power outage in Colfax, and reports of power being out as far as Auburn, finishing the game in Falcon-territory wasn’t a strong option, according to Colfax athletic director Rob Hitchcock. The father of Colfax High quarterback Austin Young and booster club president loaded up his son, along with many other football parents, and took the Pioneer Valley League show, against the Lincoln Zebras on the road. The destination — an improvised, albeit lighted game at Lincoln. Never mind that it was 12:08 a.m. by the time the Falcons returned to Colfax, fans were just happy to see their undefeated team continue the streak. The cross-county adventure ended in a 56-14 win for Colfax. “We did go to Lincoln. When the word came that the game was going to Lincoln, I didn’t, nor did I see anybody complaining — just get your son and get to Lincoln,” Young said. “There was a sense of urgency to get there.” Although the original game was the Falcon’s last regular-season home game, Young said Colfax fans should be able to catch a playoff game on their home turf. “I didn’t even think about the last home game being cut short since we are planning on at least one home playoff game,” Young said. Hitchcock said Lincoln’s athletic director Donna Tofft suggested the change of locations. With Jr. Falcons football playoffs scheduled in Colfax’s stadium on Saturday and Halloween coming up, Hitchcock said finishing the game Friday made the most sense for everyone. “It was a unique experience,” Hitchcock said. “With all the mobilization of the troops, it would have put Patton’s army to shame.” Ironically, Hitchcock said he got a text message at 10 p.m. informing him the power was back on in Colfax. Lincoln High football coach Ken Lowe said he was on board with finishing the game that night. “We thought about going on a Saturday, but we wouldn’t have been able to get all our players there on Saturday, and so it was kind of between Monday and trying to continue that night. So ultimately we ended up making the decision to come down here and finish it out,” Lowe said. “I think we were done at 12:08 (a.m.) or something like that. I think somebody said right about that time. We started on a Friday and finished on a Saturday.” Lowe said many fans made their way down to the new location, although not as many as there were in the original crowd. Overall, Lowe said the change didn’t impact the players much. “I would say there were some cobwebs when we got down here, but for the most part they just went out there and played football,” Lowe said. “The score and the result of the game was not fun, but just being there and playing was something different. It was kind of exciting for them.” Mike Trentman, father to Colfax varsity defensive player Chancey Trentman, said he was also happy to hit the road, if it meant the game could continue. “(I was) just happy we could get the game in,” Trentman said. “(I) didn’t think about it until sometime Saturday. Does this mean Lincoln will come up next year?” Reach Sara Seyydin at Jim Linsdau contributed to this article.