City should stay on budget

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In my opinion, the fiscal sustainability committee has done a wonderful job. They started this project in April, so if the city has already done some of the items listed, then give them a break, don’t complain! One thing I disagree with is General Fund subcommittee chairman Larry Whitaker’s comments. He states, “The thing I want to put in your mind is this is a rural income with an urban set of people who have moved in. They want urban services but we have a rural pocketbook.” These types of comments promote the old residents against the new residents mentality. This is not productive and so far from reality! I live in Lincoln Hills (7,000 homes). I moved here because of the rural lifestyle, not because of the possibility of urban services. Most residents in Lincoln Hills are the children of parents who survived the Great Depression. We stay on budget and we expect our city to stay on budget also. If this means reduced services, then so be it! Lena Labosky, Lincoln