City should make downtown street safer

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On the evening of Dec. 9, my wife and I decided to have a late supper at The Old Town Pizza in downtown Lincoln. We had eaten there years before while visiting relatives who live in Lincoln. On that occasion, we parked in the garage inside the building where the restaurant is located. This time, we parked across the street on Highway 65. When we left the restaurant around 9:30, we exited the building through the street level entrance. Since the traffic was light, we considered walking directly across the street to our car. As we approached the curb, though, I suddenly realized there was a big drop from sidewalk to street-level and that both of us might fall and hurt ourselves. As senior citizens, neither of us wanted that. Puzzled by this incident and wondering why the city of Lincoln had done nothing to warn pedestrians about this hazardous situation, the next morning I drove back to the same site at 436 Highway 65 to further investigate the matter. First, I measured the exact depth of the drop from sidewalk to street level – 18 inches. I then noticed that there was no guardrail to discourage pedestrians from crossing the street at this location, even though there were guardrails running north and south of this location. Finally, I noted that there were no signs either inside or outside the entrance at number 436. We believe the city of Lincoln should immediately take steps to eliminate this hazard to public safety. Bruce Robinson, Lincoln