City needs to not hire new positions when budget is bad

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I think it absolutely outrageous that (City Manager) Jim Estep is even considering four new positions whilst we in Lincoln are in the middle of considering closing libraries, pools and cutting other positions. We never should have had the new recent hire of an assistant manager whose salary cost the amount that possibly could have kept the libraries afloat. It is absolutely disgraceful. Moreover, you are talking of a utility tax and then in the next breath talking of new hires - ludicrous. If my husband and I managed our house budget the way you folks manage the town budget, we would be homeless and bankrupt. Why bother sending a questionnaire to us and in the background you are already finagling for more employees that we cannot afford. The golden times are past and you folks in City Hall did not save, were not prudent, you just spent it all. Winifred Nolan Lincoln