City manager’s accounting procedures

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Assistant city manager/CFO Anna Jatczak’s explanation of a negative “Cash in Bank” (front page Dec. 16 News Messenger, “Just how much cash is in Lincoln’s reserves?) had me wondering if I took the right accounting courses many years ago but Terry Dorsey’s explanation got me back on track. Ditto on the $3 million unrealized losses in the General Fund. I wonder if, back in the good old days, were unrealized gains booked to make things look good? Can Ms Jatczak be replaced with Mr Dorsey? I didn’t vote for Stan Nader but it’s encouraging to read how he has rolled up his sleeves already by exposing the $3 million caper and is bringing up the cessation of lifetime benefits. (When I left a private corporation after 23 years, all benefits stopped except for a pension starting at age 65.) And if City Manager Jim Estep doesn’t know how much the city has in reserves, possibly Mr Nader can figure that out too. Hopefully between him and Mr Hydrick and The News Messenger, the other council members will get on board and this city will be run right and we can read good news. Charles Fatum, Lincoln