City Council sends letter to wrong agency again

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I hope the day comes when I do not feel compelled to write these letters. The presumption that Lincolnites are not paying attention just keeps on coming. Here we are again sending a letter to a state agency with the idea that agency will vindicate actions taken by the City Council, only to find out once again, jurisdiction does not cover local funds. Plus one council member says "it is free,” the agency says "No," not so. I cannot be the only one who sees the real problems. Here they are: 1. Use a state agency to justify your actions. 1a. When they cannot justify their own. 2. Get the wrong agency. 2a. More than once. 3. It is free. 3a. When it is not. 4. Get trust back 4a. Sorry, when they decided Measure K was more important than their integrity, the trust is gone. All concerned need to realize what is happening, and not wait to see if the recall petition is real and lots of money is spent plus the turmoil their city is in and just resign for everyone. Unless all you are after is your lifetime benefits? Larry Andrews, Lincoln