City Council needs to work with school district

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As a former Western Placer Unified School District school board member (2006-2010), it concerns me to hear that some members of the City Council still do not understand the need to work collaboratively with their school district.  
Western Placer Unified School District wouldn’t have a problem trying to meet the need for schools if the city didn’t allow developers to add more housing and families without proper planning.
It doesn’t work to build villages and developments without the requisite schools and it is very short-sighted of the city to forgo cooperative planning.  The Village 1 EIR was not complete and shouldn’t have been approved if the council/Planning Commission hadn’t taken everything (traffic flow, schools, public safety) into consideration.
Financial planning is critical and the council must proceed thoughtfully and strategically with any and all future residential development.  Had the council taken a bit more care during the early boom years (2000-2005 or so), we might find ourselves with adequate schools, parks and police officers today.
The city of Lincoln and Western Placer Unified School District absolutely must work together so that all of the children of Lincoln may continue to have access to safe, clean neighborhood schools.
Bottom line:  The city needs to stop putting developers above our children and trying to be the next Roseville or Rocklin. 
I, for one, don’t want to live in those cities.
Ana Pereira Stevenson, Lincoln