City Council faces a huge challenge

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For several months, the Lincoln City Council has been literally bombarded with speakers criticizing the council for having too many employees, for paying them too much, for unrealistic medical and retirement benefits, etc. etc. At the same time, many of those same speakers have also criticized the City Council and staff for paying extravagant amounts to hire private contractors at outrageous hourly salaries. The majority of these comments are made by speakers representing themselves as members of Team Lincoln. Attempts by staff to clarify staff recommendations and decisions have resulted in additional questions and/or criticisms by the same group. Why hasn’t this same organization presented a balanced budget to the city for further consideration instead of continuing the nit picking?   Now is the time for the newly seated City Council to demonstrate leadership.  The City Council has a huge challenge facing them but it is time to stop listening to the same old rhetoric and time to start repairing city services. The staff and council need to work together to identify service levels in key city departments - a good example would be the finance department. Now is the time to “get off the fence” and to make the decision to either hire a sufficient number of employees or to go outside and contract for a sufficient number of hours to process city finances. It’s time to stop talking and to get the job done! Jim Datzman, Lincoln