Choose Cuenca for City Council

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Our vote goes to a man who, from the start, has had a true heart for Lincoln! We support a candidate who understands that change is good if carefully guided, recognizes the needs of our children and is an advocate for youth programs and facilities, realizes that local businesses are vital to the stability of Lincoln and knows that Lincoln’s future is developed today.

For the past 11 years, we have seen Allen Cuenca do more than “lip-service.” He gets involved personally and politically. He makes decisions and takes responsibility for the outcomes of those decisions. This alone is a trait which is rare in today’s politics.

Allen actually communicates. He listens and speaks. True communication is an essential attribute in a City Council member and transparency is part of that package. In issues which affect his family, our family, your family and ultimately, our town, Allen Cuenca will take an interest and make decisions that will make us proud to live in Lincoln.

We believe that Allen Cuenca will help save our “All-American City”— Lincoln has to move forward; we believe we can with Cuenca. Our future is important. How about yours?

Vincent and Marlene Marello, Lincoln