Check out Jeff Greenberg’s website for good solutions to Lincoln’s problems

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As a newcomer to Lincoln, I have heard an awful lot of misinformation about our city government. Two main topics come to mind. First is salaries of city employees. I encourage everyone to go to, which is the city of Lincoln site that addresses the employment package of each major player in Lincoln. No wonder so many people in school are majoring in city and county administration! I thought these packages only existed in the private sector or in national politics. Wow! Second, if Proposition K (utilities user’s tax) doesn't pass, I kept hearing that four patrol officers would be let go, thus our safety would be put at risk. According to the city, the four positions being considered are one traffic/patrol position, one youth services position, one community service position and one technical services position. Again, being considered. I also would encourage everybody to go to to see some innovative solutions to Lincoln's problems. David Thompson, Lincoln