Check out all the facts about Mercy Ministries

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I was very disappointed in the recent fluff piece in your paper (News Messenger Oct. 29, page A 11, “Mercy Ministries open home for females needing help) about the new Mercy Ministries in Lincoln. I realize that your paper may not be able to fact-check on such relatively small stories, but just for the record, Mercy Ministries’ Australian branch recently closed due to accusations of corruption and forced exorcisms on mentally ill anorexics. Should you doubt this report, please see “Mercy Ministries home to close” by Australian Investigative Reporter Ruth Pollard (A link is provided below). Neither Lincoln’s press nor its citizenry should be supporting exorcism-related ministries, which harm thousands of lives every year. John Weaver, Ph.D candidate, Binghamton University, Vestal, New York