Chapman needs to back down

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Byron Chapman sure does get around in his wheelchair. He has sued the city of Dixon, Pier 1 Imports in San Francisco, 7-11 Ventura Street somewhere, and now Lincoln.

You can bet he didn’t just happen to be at McBean Park to enjoy the scenery but only to check out the bathroom for ADA compliance.

He has been found to be a “vexatious litigant” and lost a number of his suits because of this.

Just hate this kind of conduct and even more so in that I am a trial attorney and even hate the word “litigator.” A trial attorney goes to court as a last resort to resolve an issue.

This Chapman is bad news, using the court system for his own pleasure and capitalizing on the ADA regulations.

Good article (News Messenger April 11 front page, “Lincoln’s accessibility being questioned”).

Rick Bradley, Lincoln