Calling all animals and their owners

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My name is Luna. I am one of the Downtown Dogs. My handlers, Sue and Bob Carlson, helped me write this letter. Together, we want to help our friend Jeeves, who is beside himself with worry over his friends at Old Fruitvale School. Jeeves? friends include a bunny called Whisper; three chickens called Salt, Pepper and Sugar; a rooster called Spreckles and a cat called Miss Fruitvale. They will lose their home if Old Fruitvale School fails to raise approximately $5,000 to cover the cost of insurance. The Downtown Dogs and other Lincoln pets are doing what they can to raise insurance money. So far, Sue and Bob have dipped into my kibble fund. Donna Judah?s (Coldwell Banker Sun Ridge Realty) goldfish Goldie swam to the top of her bowl to show her support. Brenda Thomas? (Lincoln News Messenger) schnauzer Gordy raised his paw and challenges all Lincoln schnauzers to match his $10 contribution. Diana Burke?s (Simple Pleasures Restaurant and Catering) Simon the Dog tells us that he can be counted on too. And Karen Thomas?s (Trinity Hair Design) Penny the ?terror? has made a $20 donation with the hopes that other terriers, like Penny and Jeeves, will help. Kari Swartzke?s (Umpqua Bank) four rescue dogs are pulling together a fundraising event, just for pets, later this month. In the meantime, we need more support to save our Old Fruitvale School friends? home. All pets, including goats, cows, chickens, sheep, turtles, fish, snakes, hamsters, mice, horses and even cats are welcome to contribute. Of course, people are welcome to make contributions. If you can help, please leave your donation with my good friends Al Holland at Lincoln City Barber Shop, 670 Fifth St. or Shoni Jones at Lincoln News Messenger, 553 F St. No donation is too small or too large. You can also show your support by attending Old Fruitvale School?s barbecue on Sunday, June 3. On behalf of the Downtown Dogs and all our Lincoln pet friends, thank you. Luna, Sue and Bob Carlson, Lincoln