Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review

Game Review
By: By Brett A. Dargan Special to The News Messenger
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     The Call of Duty series has been going strong since 2003 but it has also had its bad times.

Black Ops 2 is one of these bad times. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the game is bad, rather that it fails to meet some expectations.

     Ever since Modern Warfare 2, the franchise has had trouble improving and making different games. After then, the games seem to all be the same with different guns and maps. However, the story has consistently been improving.

     What I can say about Black Ops 2 is that the story is captivating and exciting. About 50 years later from the first Black Ops, you are playing as David Mason, Alex’s son. Trying to stop a drug lord from disabling America’s whole defense network, you are thrown into future and past battles alike, playing as both of the Masons.

A  first for Call of Duty is the story itself. Depending on the actions you make in the story, there can be several endings.  That, to me, is awesome. Now the game feels slightly like an RPG because of the in-game choices one can make. Also, there are optional missions, called Strike Force Missions. They allow you to assume command of a squad of soldiers and vehicles. Feeling like Tom Clancy’s: Endwar, these missions appeal to the RTS (Real-Time Strategy) players.

     Now to everyone’s favorite: Zombies. What I first noticed while playing is that it’s much harder. The zombies are stronger and faster, too. The new maps, or map I should say, is the largest zombie map to date. Called TranZit, you are thrown into a city containing multiple maps that you can access by taking a bus, controlled by a Nazi robot. With its own mini campaign, you can spend even more time defending yourself from the zombie horde.

     The only bad aspect in the game is the multiplayer. It’s too easy. There’s no depth in the mechanics whatsoever. The graphics still seem “oily” and not as fluid as it could be. All of the guns are unbalanced and some of the kill streaks are ridiculous too. The game is a slaughter-fest instead of actual strategic fighting. The gameplay is way too basic for how the game is presented as a futuristic game.

     Although receiving a 9.3/10 from IGN, the game is not one for the record books, despite the fact that it had the largest first day sales of all time.

I would keep it for the zombies and campaign alone. I would give the game a 6.5/10 for having a good story and well developed zombies but an under-par multiplayer.


Brett A. Dargan is a Lincoln High School senior and Zebra Tales Web editor.