Bouws helps church celebrate 20 years in community

By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Reporter
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Name: Doug Bouws Age: 39 City: Lincoln Job: pastor of hospitality for Granite Springs Church (1170 E. Joiner Parkway) What is a pastor of hospitality? I build systems and structures to care for people. It can start with the role of greeter or usher and we connect (people) with teams or small groups. I meet with them (new people) and connect them with the body of the church. A lot of what I do is administrative, too. What special event is happening at your church this month? It is the 20th birthday of the church. We began the first Sunday of April in 1992 and it was time-change (daylight savings time) Sunday. How is your church celebrating its 20th birthday? We’ve having events all month. There’s an Easter egg hunt this Saturday that starts at 10: 30 a.m. and is for children through the fifth-grade. There’s a lunch on April 15 at 12 p.m., which is a celebration with stories, videos and pictures. On April 22, we’ll talk about new branches (of the church) and our Hispanic ministry. April 29 is leading up to have offerings and pledges on May 6. We want to fund (new pastors for the Hispanic ministry and a new branch of the church) and a playground for here on site. Why do you want to fund a new playground? We have tons of families and we want to create a gathering place for the families to connect with each other. What does it mean to you that the church is turning 20? It’s quite exciting and quite cool. I came here 11 years ago, and a year before that, the church had turned 10. I felt like there was 10 years of the church history I was not part of and now I’ve been here 11. This is the only church I’ve served at. All of my kids were born while I was here and baptized here. What would you like to see the church accomplish in the next 20 years? Start more churches and do better at what we already do. I’d like to connect with more people. We’re always looking to grow and be a part of the community. If the Hispanic ministry takes off, it’s only better for our city and people. I just love this place and hope it thrives and flourishes for another 20 years. How did you end up working at Granite Springs Church? I came as an intern while in seminary and it was the last piece of my degree. I flew back to the Midwest for graduation and then flew back to California. This is like home and where we (his family) belong. What do you like about working/living in Lincoln? It’s nice to be part of a city. I go pray at a City Council once a year. It’s cool to be part of a city and we love to serve this place. I like the schools, parks and hills here. I’m not from here but it’s become my home. What do you do in your free time? I’m an avid downhill skier and I like to camp with my kids. I like being so close to Tahoe. I take my kids now, the two oldest ones. I used to teach. I was a kids’ ski instructor for one season in Keystone, Colo. To see a neighbor or friend featured here, please e-mail or call Stephanie Dumm at 774-7967.