Booster club would like their banner back, please

By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Reporter
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The banner can be returned to either the district office (600 6th Street) or The Lincoln News Messenger (553 F Street), with no questions asked. Any donations to help the Booster Club buy a new banner can be sent to US Bank account 153499703608. A banner representing school pride was stolen after graduation the night of June 8 and Booster Club members want the banner back. The 20-foot-long yellow banner was purchased by the Lincoln High School Booster Club when the high school?s football team won the Pioneer Valley League (PVL) championship in 2009, said club President Marilyn Courage. The Booster Club?s purpose is to raise money for yearly scholarships and to donate money to school clubs, organizations and sports teams, according to Courage. ?Like when the track team needed a pole for pole vaulting and didn?t have any money (to purchase one),? Courage said. ?The school band needs hats and some other stuff so we are working to get funds to purchase that.? The banner in question says ?Go Zebras! Lincoln is Proud of You? and has the high school?s mascot, a zebra, in the lower left corner. ?We did it for the 2009-2010 football team because we wanted to tell them how proud we were of the team. That was the first time they had gone to PVL in some time,? Courage said. ?We thought this would be a nice salute to the kids and we use it for freshmen orientation.? The banner was used this month in a ?lip-dub,? Courage said, which is a music video promoting the school. She said the film will be presented to the freshmen class ?to show the school spirit and different clubs and organizations? there. The banner was used during the June 8 graduation at the request of one of the school?s vice principals and was hung near the entrance of the school?s football field, Courage said. The banner was stolen some time after graduation had ended, Courage said. ?We asked around and nobody saw anything,? Courage said. ?We went to Sober Grad and made an announcement and said if someone took it, we?d love to have it back.? Courage said the Booster Club ?is not out to prosecute? over the theft and chalks the banner?s disappearance up to post-graduation excitement. ?People get very excited with graduation and don?t realize something like that means something to a group of parents,? Courage said. ?It?s a very special banner to us because it represents the efforts of the football team that went to PVL. They were a great team and it?s a great memory.? The Booster Club doesn?t currently have the funding to purchase another banner, Courage said. It cost between $300 and $400. ?I think I was very upset about it (being stolen), I just felt like there were hundreds and hundreds of hours donated by parents to give back to our school and help our kids,? Courage said. ?To think someone would take something like that from us. It?s kind of like a smack in the face because of all the parents who volunteer for Boosters donate hundreds of hours.? Toby Faingold, the Lincoln High School Booster Club?s treasurer, said the banner is ?probably sitting in someone?s garage.? ?I think it?s probably some kids that got caught up in the moment, I don?t think it was anything malicious,? Faingold said. ?Hopefully, somebody will see this and get it back to us.? Faingold added that it would be ?nice to get it back.? ?It?s very hard for us to raise funds for different things with the cutbacks (the school district has made),? Faingold said. ?The school needs funds and it?s hard for us to replace it (the banner).? Oly Pace, a booster?s member who also runs the high school?s spirit store, Z-Stop, said it was ?disappointing? to have the banner stolen. ?It?s something that the town and school itself can look back on,? Pace said of the banner