Bomb threat clears Placer County Jail courtroom

Court resumes after no device found in sweep
By: Jon Schultz, Journal Staff Writer
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Calling in a bomb threat does not guarantee a canceled court date.

Police evacuated a Placer County Jail courtroom Tuesday morning in North Auburn after a man phoned in a bomb threat, temporarily disrupting court proceedings.

Court resumed less than an hour later after a sweep found no suspicious devices in the area, said Dena Erwin, Placer County Sheriff’s Office public information officer.

Though detectives are following up on leads and the caller has not been identified, Erwin wanted to stress that “it was a very minor interruption to the court calendar.”

 “You may put off your court hearing, but you’re ultimately going to have to show up to court at some point,” if a person attempts to get out of a court date by calling in a threat, Erwin said. “So, not a wise move.”

 At 10:17 a.m., a man called the 911 dispatch center at the sheriff’s office and said there was a bomb in the jail courtroom, Placer County Superior Court Dept. 13.

“The courtroom was full,” Erwin said. “We immediately evacuated court staff, the attorneys, the inmates went back to their cells … the public was escorted out front.”

Cal Fire was called and deputies swept the parking lot, the grounds and the courtroom itself, and by 11 a.m. court was back in session, she said.

“Everything was back on track, and they’ll complete their calendar,” Erwin said.


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