Bline has found her calling

By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Reporter
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Julie Bline has been Community Christian Schools? principal for three weeks. She has been working to up-date the school?s website, Name: Julie Bline Age: 38 City: Lincoln Occupation: Principal at Community Christian Schools Family: Husband, Rob; Son Will, 14; Daughters Lizzy, 12, and Emily, 8. How long have you been principal for Community Christian Schools? For three weeks. I was a first-grade teacher last year and was an after-school care teacher the year before. Being a parent and teacher here, I have a passion and desire to see the school grow and affect the families of the Lincoln community. Have you always been a teacher? I ran my own in-home preschool for 10 years in Citrus Heights and, while I was doing that, I got my administration credentials from Golden Gate Baptist Seminary. I knew I loved kids and desired to see families be able to raise their kids with good morals and support system. What do you enjoy about being a principal the past three weeks? When the kids look at me, smile, give me a hug and say ?Principal Bline,? that?s the best thing so far. What is your vision for the school? To see our small community of families come together in a unified way, with a desire to embrace our community. The school?s purpose is to be a service to our community. How will you create this vision? Just to be a prominent figure in the community as a leader of our school. I plan to do that with personal interactions, meeting the needs of our community and families and tuition assistance for families who want their child to attend the school but can?t afford it. Let families know we are nondenominational. We are Christian but not affiliated with any specific church. What do you enjoy about being in education? Everything. I love the kids and seeing them succeed, be confident and proud of themselves, and seeing how they affect their families when they grow up. Are you intimidated by your new role as principal? I?m not intimidated, I love it. I?m ecstatic and excited. I have been more jazzed and motivated in the last few weeks than I have been in years. I feel like I found my purpose in life, my calling. What do your kids (who attend the school) think about your being their new principal? They are actually pretty excited. They ask me if we can have jeans day every day. My son was sitting next to me on the couch when I was doing the schedule and he said, ?Mom, can we have more days off?? What do you like to do in your free time? I love being a mom and hanging out with our pets. We have two dogs, a brand new kitten, a guinea pig and lots of fish. Secondly, I enjoy anything outdoors, like being at the beach and hiking through the wilderness or woods, anything I can do with my family. What would someone be surprised to know about you? I am a knowledge seeker. When I have a passion or interest in something, I will go online and read books about that subject. I?m an avid reader of all kinds of books. There are books overflowing in my home. Right now, I?m reading a romance and I like mysteries and books on education, parenting, all of the above. To see a neighbor or friend featured here, please e-mail stephanied@goldcountry or call Stephanie Dumm at 774-7967. Community Christian Schools is currently accepting students for its summer program. Where: 1545 First Street When: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, through Aug. 17 Cost: $140 per week Info: or 645-6280