Black switches from the pulpit to producer

By: Janathon Willace News Messenger Reporter
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Edward Black, a Lincoln pastor at Arena Church, began production on a new reality documentary dubbed “Paladin Nights: District 9.” Although based in South Sacramento, parts of the documentary have been shot in Lincoln, including at Gold’s Gym. “After 20 years of ministry, we’re taking time off,” Black said. “The production of the series started as a hobby, when I began to hear the compelling stories told by some of the officers and such from Sacramento Police Department and Paladin.” Through this pilot, Black wants to tell the story “of our unknown knights in shining armor, these being the Paladin Private Security Force; a crime-fighting organization that works alongside police in South Sacramento, an area known for increasing crime rates.” “If I get about 10 calls a night, I’d say that about half of them are noise disturbances, loud parties and disruptions,” said Casey Council, an officer of the Paladin Private Security Force, who is cast in the reality documentary. Production began in 2009, with Black, also owner of the Imagination Harbor Media Group, and Casey. “People sit at home and don’t realize what goes on out there,” Council said. “We have to get out there and put down the bad guys.” Final scenes for the production, according to Edward, are to be shot somewhere in Lincoln, more likely in an apartment complex. When asked what he hopes to gain from the production of this series, Black responded, “A greater understanding. You and I get to sleep at night while these guys put their lives on the line to protect us.” Likewise, Council takes a similar stance, saying that, “The project has potential. There’s a viewpoint to get out there to these people because they just don’t know, when they are sitting at home, right down the street we are on call ringing in some domestic disturbance.” Black, in conjunction with Paladin Night’s approval, hopes that the series could be aired on Wave Broadband. Next week, The News Messenger will run a story on how production is going and when readers can watch the show.