Bikers not responsible

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For too many years now, we have been having to deal with the steady increase in bicycle traffic on the back roads throughout the foothills.

I am not a bike rider and not against them but I do believe it is time to require them to buy a license and insurance and hold them to the same standards the rest of society are held to.

I have been at my brother’s property on Virginiatown Road when, on several different occasions, riders will stop along the road and drop their pants and relieve themselves. I know if I went to their neighborhood and did that, I would probably be arrested.

We all need to demand the fee be used to provide portable toilets that will be maintained by these fees. Maybe if some of the bike clubs that use these roads free of charge put up the money to maintain these stations, they will respect the property owners’ rights that they are so willing to trash as they are currently doing!

Timothy Craig, Meadow Vista