Bicyclists need to obey the rules of the road, also

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Thank you, Lisa Miller, for writing last week what most of us have wanted to mention for years. Most bicyclists on country roads are a hazard and nuisance to others! I agree that, under safe conditions, bicyclists should have the right to ride on the roads as much as motorized vehicles. However, most of the country roads are not safe for bicyclists. Blind corners, rolling hills and the lack of bicycle lanes all make for a very dangerous situation. Oftentimes, car drivers do not see the bicyclist until the last second and must swerve to avoid them. This puts at risk the bicyclist, the driver and any motorist approaching from the other direction. I believe that bicycles should be restricted to only those streets that have bicycle lanes or sufficient space in the lane to accommodate both the bicycle and a car (much like the laws governing NEV’s). Many times, the bicyclists in Lincoln create their own safety issues by ignoring the rules of the road. Many of these riders seem to think they are above the law and do not need to abide by traffic laws. I’ve lived on Virginiatown Road for 10 years and have never seen a bicyclist stop at the stop sign at Virginiatown/McCourtney. Nor do they stop at the stop sign near Carlin Coppin School. It is also not unusual to come up over the rolling hills of Virginiatown to see a pack of bicyclists riding four to five wide! I think it is time for our law enforcement to start patrolling the popular bicycle paths in rural Lincoln. They’ll give tickets for not wearing seatbelts or talking on the cell phone but bicyclists running stop signs is far more dangerous! David Furrer, Lincoln