Berkley's summer packed with fun so far

By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Reporter
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Savannah Berkley Age: 17 Job: Senior at Lincoln High School/Peer Tutor at the school?s tutoring center Family: Parents:Bev Berkley and Tim Dant Siblings: Brother Austin, 19 What and where is Girls State? Girls State is a program where they get 500 girls from California and they put us together and give us the outline for government and they say make it. It was from June 26 to July 1. This year, it was held at Claremont McKenna. We were there for a week and they pack it (full of activity). I got five hours of sleep every night. Why were you there? They nominated four of us students from Lincoln High School. We had interviews and were chosen by interview. The Lincoln Community Foundation has been awesome with grants and that?s how I was able to go. The American Legion Auxiliary is in charge. What are some activities you did at Girls State? We wrote speeches and ran for office at the city and county level. We also had a newspaper, choir and orchestra. There were 16 cities, four counties and one state. My city was Burbank. We also did Operation Military Kids. We all made friendship bracelets and wrote letters to the kids of military personnel. We thanked them for their service to the country, because they?re not recognized enough for that. Their parents miss out on sporting activities, prom, little things that are taken for granted. What do you think about being chosen to go? Amazed that I got to go with these girls who are all academic and amazing and good at sports or were creative. What was your favorite part of Girls State? I was a senator and I was thrilled when I got two bills passed, because most got killed. One was for the labeling of genetically modified organisms and the other was reforming time. What did you do at California WorldFest this past weekend? I was a volunteer at Games on the Green and I made sure the kids were playing nice. The festival is kid-friendly, and so there were inflatable balls, kiddie pools, water slides and sprinklers. Parents can either look after their children there or let them play there and know they are safe. How would you describe your experience at California WorldFest? It widens your horizons because you get to experience different music, cultures and people. There were two drum circles Friday and Saturday that went until 1 a.m., and I danced in the middle of them. I definitely liked the drum circles. What do you like to do when you?re not in school or doing homework? I run cross country to keep in shape and I also run track. I also like to do research and is amazing. I look for family on there and I try to go as far back as possible. I was able to trace my dad?s side of the family to a small Italian town called Lucca. They said, if I wanted more information, I had to contact the church?s records in Lucca! What?s your favorite subject in school? I love history, I like learning about the story behind things. I went to Ellis Island during the eighth-grade D.C. trip and I saw my dad?s family?s last name. My ancestors walked through those halls with just the clothes on their back. If you would like to see a neighbor or friend featured here, please e-mail or call Stephanie Dumm at 774-7967.