Battle of the Titans goes to the Braves 2-1

Cardinals stay in the chase
By: Jim Linsdau, Sports Editor
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The Braves battled in the top half of the sixth inning to squeeze in the winning run and come away with a 2-1 victory over the second-place Cardinals 2-1 in Lincoln Little League Majors play Saturday evening.

The win put the Atlanta nine in the catbird seat for the postseason tournament with games remaining against the Giants and the Phillies. The St. Lou Crew will close out their regular season hosting the Astros Tuesday.

Leading 1-0, the Braves’ Brett Woolley got on board in the final frame and worked his way to third base with one out. Woolley scored when shortstop Cole Vineyard threw to first to gun down Turner Bloxsom.

Down by two, the Cards did not go away quietly.

Vineyard had a base hit and also worked his way to third base with no outs. After the next two batters made outs, Garret Tofft knocked in Vineyard, but got caught in a pickle for the final out.

Braves’ offense: Dylan Rhodes (single), Michael Newsom (2-3, double, RBI), Coats (single), Blake Havey (2-3, double), Woolley (double, run), Bloxsom (RBI) and Steward Eskridge (run).

Cardinals’ offense: Aiden Barfield (2-3, double), Vineyard (single, run), Gage Eastlick (single) and Tofft (single, RBI).

Braves’ pitching: Woolley (5 ip, 11 K) and Coats (1 ip, K).

Cardinals’ pitching: Wyatt Arbaugh (5 ip, 10 K) and Eastlick pitched one inning in relief.

The Georgia boys committed four errors in the contest, the Missouri nine one.

Giants 5, Pirates 4

The Bucs saw their 4-run lead fade away as the Bay Area boys rallied back to score four in the sixth inning and then claim the game in the eighth inning.

Ben Corriveau drew a base on balls in the bottom half of inning eight, reached second on an error and came home on Dustin Burns’ double to right-center.

Giants’ offense: Jack Corriveau (2-4, RBI), Jacob Lemus (2-4, run), Austin Ratliff (single, run, RBI), Petey Knell (single, run), Ben Corriveau (single, 2 runs), Burns (double, 2 RBI) and Chase Dunkinson (single, RBI).

Pirates’ offense: Devin Brown (single, run), J.T. Willis (run), Jared Kelty (2-4, triple, run, 2 RBI), Tommy Turner (3-3, double, run, RBI), Hunter Rose (single) and Vinny Strusis (single).

Giants’ pitching: Jack Corriveau (4 1/3 ip, 4 K) and  Lemus (3 2/3 ip, six K).

Pirates’ pitching: Jared Kelty (5 ip, 4 K), Willis (1/3 ip, K) and Brown (1 2/3 ip, K).

The Giants had three errors and the Pirates four.

Astros 13, Angels 4

The Houston nine brought out the war clubs in early game Saturday to defeat the Halos and move into a tie with the Anaheim nine for fourth place in the standings.

The Astros’ Gavin Young hit two solo shots out of the park, one to left field and the other to right and teammate Nolan Chapple rode one out over the center-field fence. But the home runs only accounted for three of the Texans’ runs.

The Astros had an eight run lead before the Angels scored and went on to pick up the victory.

Astros’ offense: Cole Brown (triple, run), Shane Dunn (single, 2 runs, RBI), Young (3-4, 2 HR, 4 runs, 2 RBI), Max Pettey (2 runs), Chapple (3-3, HR, 3 runs, 3 RBI), Aiden Young (single, 2 RBI), Jake Sbaffi (RBI) and Sean Kearney (run).

Angels’ offense: Aiden Isola (single), Evin Odin (run), Michael Sargent (single), Shawndell Williams (2-3, run), Sam Sommerhauser (run), Jacob Dugan (single, RBI) and A.J. Eskridge (run).

Astros’ pitching: Pettey (5 ip, 7 K) and Chapple (1 ip, K).

Angels’ pitching: Odin (1 2/3 ip, 2 K), Isola (3 1/3 ip, 6 K) and Tomy Fairbrother (1 ip, K).

The Astros committed two errors and the Angels three.

Braves 6, Angels 5

The Braves took an early lead over the Angels Thursday night and then held on while the Halos pecked away to nearly pull off the upset.

With the 6-5 victory, the Georgia boys held onto their lead in the standings by a ½ game over the Cardinals.

Both clubs threatened in the first inning, but the Braves broke loose for five runs in the second inning and tacked on the sixth in the third stanza when Dylan Rhodes drove in Brett Woolley for the game decider.

The Anaheim nine cut the lead to 6-3 in the bottom half of the third, but left two runners on base. Aiden Isola then rallied his team by bringing home Tommy Fairbrother and Avery Isola to narrow the lead to one. But Aiden was left on second as the next two batters went down on strikes.

Preserving the victory for the Braves was Brett Wooley, who struck out three in that final inning. Clayton Coats opened on the hill and Michael Newsom came on in the third inning. The trio combined for a dozen strikeouts, Newsom had five of them.

Braves’ offense: Rhodes (single, run, RBI), Nick Burns (run, RBI), Newsom (3-4, double, run, 2 RBI), Coats (double, triple, 2 RBI), Woolley (single, run), Steward Eskridge (single), Ryan Knight (run) and Turner Bloxsom (run).

Angels’ offense: Aiden Isola (2-4, run, 2 RBI), Michael Sargent (single, run), Colby Green (single, RBI), Fairbrother (2-2, double, run), Avery Isola (single, run) and Jacob Dugan (run).

Aiden Isola pitched 1 2/3 innings striking out three and Colby Green struck out six in 4 1/3 innings of work.

The Braves committed three errors and the Angels one.

Giants 13, Phillies 5

The Philadelphia nine’s woes continued, while the Bay Area boys unloaded with 13 runs to move into a tie for third place in the Majors standings.

The Giants’ Jacob Lemus ripped one over the left-field fence for a grand slam in the fourth inning and it was all over but the shouting. The shouting began when Jack Corriveau, Petey Knell and Ben Corriveau scored and then surrounded the plate to congratulate Lemus coming home.

The Phils’ Grady Manley did steal some of the limelight when he sent a home-run blast to left-center field to score Isaiah Oates and Zackary Hatten. But the Brotherly Love boys were only able to generate five runs in all.

Giants’ offense: Knell (double, 2 runs, 3 RBI), Kyle Wehner (single, RBI), Lemus (2-4, HR, run, 4 RBI), Zach Chamizo (single, 2 runs), Tyler Guthrie (single, run), Chase Dunkinson (double, 2 runs), Dustin Burns (run), Reagan Simpson (run), Ben Corriveau (run), Jack Corriveau (double, run) and Jared Baker (single, 3 runs).

Phillies’ offense: Oates (run), Hatten (3-4, double, run), Manley (2-4, HR, run, 3 RBI), Bergman (single, run), Miller (single), Haydn Cloud (double), Brady Campaan (single, RBI) and Julian Ruiz (2-3, double, run).

Giants’ pitching: Austin Ratliff (2 ip), Zach Chamizo (4 ip, 8 K).

Phillies’ pitching: Matthew Miller (4 1/3 ip, 4 K) and Bryce Bergman (1 2/3 ip, 2 K).

The snack bar is always open; take in a ball game. After Saturday’s contests, only four more games remain in the regular season. The postseason playoffs begin May 27.

Lincoln Little League

Majors Baseball Standings

Team              W-L    GB

Braves             12-3     --

Cardinals         12-4     ½

Angels             7-9       5 ½

Giants              7-9       5 ½

Astros              6-9       6

Phillies 6-11     7

Pirates             5-10     7