Barringer Realty merges with Century 21 Select

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Downtown’s Barringer Realty has recently merged with CENTURY 21 Select at 801 Sterling Parkway in Lincoln. Barringer Realty was a privately held real estate agency in Lincoln for 32 years. Ron Barringer owned Barringer Realty. “I have enjoyed owning my own real estate company for the last 32 years, but the business has evolved. We decided to merge with CENTURY 21 Select to gain access to a national brand and the tools and technology of a larger company,” Barringer said. The Select Group manages its own wide-area network and Cisco phone system, allowing all 20 locations to function as if they were a single location. Select’s technology allows clients to view any property for sale on an agents’ Web site from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe and Northern Nevada. And in August, Pavilion Realty, which was located at 537 G St., merged with CENTURY 21 Select. All agents from both Pavilion Realty and Barrington Realty are now at CENTURY 21 Select. “Since I’ve been here, since the 16th of August, I’ve recruited other agents from outside the area,” said Gene Thorpe, former Pavilion Realty manager/broker and now CENTURY 21 Select’s Lincoln branch manager. “We now have 47 people in this office.” CENTURY 21 Select will sell Lincoln area residential, commercial and land, according to Thorpe. The company has offices “all over Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Chico, Reno, Nevada City and Citrus Heights, Thorpe said. While the housing industry has tanked, Thorpe said his company is doing fine. “It’s actually the right time to be in real estate. The real hard years were 2007, 2008 and 2009,” Thorpe said. “It’s a very hard time to sell but prices haven’t been this low since the ‘90s and the interest rates haven’t been this low since the ‘50s.” And Thorpe said the market is “coming back a little.” “Let’s say that a person could sell their house, this is a perfect time to buy,” Thorpe said.