Bank of America robbed

By: Brandon Darnell, News Messenger Reporter
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Two robbers burst into the Bank of America just before 9:30 a.m. Thursday near Raley’s with guns drawn, according to a witness. No shots were fired, and nobody was injured, said Cpl. Dan Borgeson of the Lincoln Police Department. The call came in from several sources simultaneously, including alarms and 9-1-1 calls according to Borgeson. An as-yet unknown amount of money was taken by the robbers, said Police Lt. Paul Shelgren. Thursday’s robbery “doesn’t appear to be” connected to the robbery of Twelve Bridges Pharmacy by a gunman Wednesday, Shelgren said. The FBI had arrived on the scene quickly and was conducting an investigation – which is standard protocol when financial institutions are robbed, Borgeson said. Shelgren added that detectives will be reviewing surveillance tapes. John McGuire of McGuire Pacific Construction was laying bark on the side of the Joiner Parkway overpass when he saw the suspects. “Two guys parked behind Raley’s and got out of there with the hoods up on their sweatshirts,” McGuire said, adding that the car was a gunmetal gray sedan. The robbers walked quickly – not running – to the corner of the building across the parkway from the Bank of America, where they knelt down behind a pillar and withdrew weapons from a duffel bag, according to McGuire. At least one robber wore gloves, McGuir said, and they both crossed the parking lot and entered the bank with guns drawn. “They were in there two minutes, if that,” McGuire said. According to Borgeson, police arrived within 30 seconds of receiving the call, but the robbers had already fled. “They were long gone,” McGuire said, adding that police came in from Highway 65 and the robbers had fled out the other side of the parking lot. “We put out a be on the lookout, a BOLO, to all surrounding agencies for the vehicle,” said Police Lt. David Ibarra. “The important thing is no one was hurt,” Ibarra said, adding that there were “a few” customers in the bank at the time of the robbery. Customers coming to the bank after the robbery were turned away by a guard, who told them the bank will be closed for the rest of the day and will likely reopen tomorrow. Ashley Cisek contributed to this article. Brandon Darnell can be reached by e-mail at