Auburn store comes to aid of Eagle Scout’s project

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My son, P.J. Sutton, is working on his Eagle Project. We went to local resources for oak lumber to be used in constructing hymnbook holders for one of the churches in town. The prices that were quoted from the large multi chains were prohibitive and in the thousands of dollars. In an effort to obtain the materials for a more reasonable price, we checked other hardwood supplies. One supplier in Loomis was less than helpful and offered no assistance for the Eagle Project in price reduction. However, when Auburn Hardwoods, located in Auburn, was contacted, and in spite of the economy issues we are all facing, they immediately reduced the price when they heard this was for an Eagle project. Their cooperation and friendliness and enthusiasm for this project was outstanding and, in making the wood affordable, we were able to purchase the lumber for an amazing reduction in price. Auburn Hardwoods’ staff comments about the project were encouraging and strongly supportive. We would like to encourage anyone looking for lumber to please support this company, as they still have the small-town mind set that people and character-building projects are still important in our communities. Thank you to them for being an example of showing us that the character building of people is sometimes more important than profit. Hopefully, we can pay it forward. Kelly Ivey, Lincoln