Attack on Kim’s Country Kitchen was unwarranted

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Ms. Caps, it is disappointing and personally offensive to witness the ignorance and hostility you direct in your unsolicited and thoughtless attack of the sport, passion and personal right that we have to hunt and fish in this country. Ms. Caps, we refuse to accept that you feel justified in personally attacking and publicly slandering a small-town business owner purely because you do not agree with the décor' of the establishment. Clearly, you have no identity with the history of Lincoln or the nature of many of the long-standing citizens we count as friends among our great little community. Otherwise, you would understand and appreciate the fact that our town actually includes, and welcomes, hunters/fishers and the local non-profit hunting clubs who give back to the community in a myriad of ways, including monetary donations to the LHS Farm and Outdoor Education Program, 4-H and FFA as well as sponsoring educational scholarships. That's right, people who hunt and fish re-invest in the preservation of the land and wildlife they enjoy, and in educating our future generations concerning the value of all animals and of land. Hunters and fisherman are not only stewards of the land, but are perhaps our greatest conservators of wildlife. Without the revenues generated from hunting related tag and license fees, we would experience far fewer wild animals and less wilderness that we enjoy today. Further, the wild animals on display at the café are done so in reverence, Ms. Caps, but I doubt you have the capacity to understand that truth. Fortunately, it will prove true that your comments will serve to make Kim and Dennis' business stronger because we as a community will unite in supporting their success and ensure that your ill-will never becomes a possibility. Our family frequents Kim's Country Kitchen on a weekly basis, not only for the great food, but also to allow our children to experience the beauty of nature and help educate them on the variety of animals that Kim and Dennis so proudly display “ all inside one great establishment. The wildlife exhibited in Kim and Dennis' café is the closest thing we have to a natural history museum, or would you rather those be torn down as well? It is not surprising that you seem to have forgotten where, in fact, the food and meat that you personally consume comes from, and that it's not actually grown on our grocery store shelves. We are just thankful that Kim and Dennis have chosen to preserve the beauty of nature for all of us to enjoy. Because Kim's Country Kitchen has become so popular and crowded ¦ I would like to thank you for choosing to dine elsewhere. Maybe in your world, the cows and pigs fly freely in heaven as opposed to supplying the food you eat.. good luck finding them. John and Nikki Hofman, Lincoln