Assistant City Manager Hired

By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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Lincoln will have a new assistant city manager and chief financial officer, as of Jan. 4. Anna Jatczak, filling both positions for the city, will be paid an annual salary of $145,290, according to city of Lincoln officials. Her most recent position was interim city administrator for the city of Gilroy. When asked Wednesday by The News Messenger why she is taking this position, Jatczak said it was because Lincoln “has a similar situation, environment and culture like Gilroy.” Jatczak heard “a lot of good things” about City Manager Jim Estep and, she added, wanted to work with him and work in a “progressive city.” “I think I will assist Jim in getting the city back on track with financial difficulties,” Jatczak said. She plans on living in Lincoln. “Jatczak has a strong background in municipal budgeting and finance, which will be extremely beneficial to the city as we continue to move forward through these tough economic times,” Estep said. The assistant city manager and CFO “is a new position approved by the Lincoln City Council back in August, which combines the duties of the current administrative services director with the assistant city manager position,” according to Estep. As assistant city manager and CFO for the city of Lincoln, Jatczak will “oversee the daily financial activities of the city and analyze and implement solutions to critical financial issues facing the city,” according to a staff report from the Aug. 11 City Council meeting. The new CFO will oversee finance, administrative services and “central services like purchasing,” according to Jill Thompson, the city’s public information officer. “The city manager right now has a large number of direct reports and this will lessen his load in terms of direct reporting,” Thompson said. Thompson added that library services and the recreation department “will answer” to Jatczak. “I think it’s a good thing to have,” said Lincoln resident Kathy Davis, when asked Tuesday by The News Messenger about the new assistant city manager position. “Recreation is important and a lot of little kids need things to do.” Resident Dana Labrado had a different opinion. “I don’t see why we would need it. I thought the city was already struggling to begin with,” Labrado said. The money used for Jatczak’s salary could “be distributed amongst other departments” for more employees, Labrado added. “They could employ a couple more people with that salary.” The assistant city manager and CFO position is a “pretty substantial job,” according to council member Spencer Short, whose term as mayor ended Tuesday. “This person is responsible for more than just finances but for city activities and departments,” Short said. “It’ll give Jim Estep more ability to focus on long-range things we’ve asked him to do.” The Aug. 11 staff report states the new position “frees up the city manager to focus on regional issues facing the city as well as overall issues facing all city department.” According to the staff report, the new position “will be funded through the city’s internal services fund which allocated costs across various funds and this position will have minimal impact on the general plan.” Estep said that Jatczak’s salary will not come from the General Fund, which is where the salaries of the 31 city employees were funded from. “Her position will be the same as the prior administrative services director,” Estep said, adding that her salary will be “funded out of multiple funds.” The former administrative services director was Steve Ambrose, who has moved to development services. Thompson said Jatczak will have “more general management duties in addition to administrative services duties.” “It (Jatczak’s salary) seems pretty high with the economy the way it is,” said Lincoln resident John Williams. He suggested her salary dropping to $90,000 a year. “If we’re doing it without her, maybe we should increase his (the city manager’s) salary a little bit and not hire the person,” Williams added. Thompson said this new hire will not take responsibilities away from other city positions.