Arts organization should continue under more open management

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I also feel I need to write a letter since I have long wondered and asked others, but not the Renatis, how we (Lincoln Arts) were doing in terms of raising money from all our volunteer efforts for the Feats of Clay, as I felt that was a measure of the success. I thought this was a nonprofit organization that would publish its budget and show cash flow, costs, expenses and overhead, and that was everybody’s right who donated time or money to see. It seems like there must be a law regarding this classification and transparency. I have volunteered many hours over the past few years as a helper to clean and set up and work at the reception, docent assistant, and sign-in area. I have done this because I think Gladding, McBean is such a special and unique part of Lincoln’s history and the Feasts of Clay is such a great idea to be able to promote Lincoln, terra cotta and clay arts, have a good time and have access to such an interesting place, and provide such a great backdrop for an international show and sale. Where did all the money go? How much was the staff paid? Were I and all the other volunteers just working for a family business? Did the city support it? If so, doesn’t everybody have a right to know how it was operated? Doesn’t Gladding, McBean have the right to allow a group of their choice to coordinate a tour of their factory? How can one family group be so powerful and alienate so many people who gave so much time and energy to what they thought was a great cause? It would be nice to think it could continue under a more open, nonprofit management. Nancy Kavanaugh, Lincoln