Article nice but trees wrong

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I enjoyed reading Debbie Brown’s Inside Lincoln article ([pages 4-5, “Eyes on Lincoln and beyond, Showing their true colors”) on fall color.  It’s nice to see an article focused on beauty and not the hassles of pruning or leaf raking. 

Currently, I am a school teacher, but 15 years ago, I worked for the Sacramento Tree Foundation.  I was also on the Lincoln Parks and Rec committee for several years.

I wanted to point out a couple mistakes in the article.  The tree pictured as a poplar is actually a liriodendron tulipfera.  There are some famous liriodendrons growing at Mount Vernon.  We do have ash trees in Lincoln but the colorful trees pictured were actually Chinese Pistache. 

I worked with former city manager Jerry Johnson to plant many trees in Lincoln parks and along streets.  I seriously doubt that many people would have noticed the mistakes. 

Again, thank you for writing something positive about trees.  Usually, they only make the news when they are blown over and crush something.

Tim Dant, Lincoln