Art League rep thanks Gladding, McBean

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As a citizen of Lincoln and executive director of the Art League of Lincoln, I would like to say thank you to Gladding, McBean for 138 years (but especially the last 25) of their wonderful support to the former Lincoln Arts, the Art League of Lincoln and the general community of Lincoln.

In January, they made a business decision that ended the public tours of the plant. While it is sad that the tour opportunity is not open to us anymore, I understand and support their decision completely. They continue to support the community of Lincoln in many ways and it is greatly appreciated.

They are helping me to produce a virtual tour of the plant that will be available for generations to come. I will be working with Matt Tofft’s Lincoln High School ROP video students to create an interesting and informative look into the history and art of Gladding, McBean. It will be available through the Art League of Lincoln.

It is time to appreciate the past and to move on to new opportunities and new events. I and the Art League of Lincoln invite suggestions and creative ideas for our future.  Contact us at

Jean Cross, Lincoln