Art league’s tea at Beermann’s Restaurant a success

By: By Rhonda Campbell Submitted to The News Messenger
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The Art League of Lincoln’s afternoon tea at Beermann’s Restaurant was a success. The event was sold out with 120 women of all ages. They came dressed for the occasion in hats, gloves, heels and some in period dress.

The festivities started with a visual display on the stage. There were, on pedestals, magnificent original teapots, courtesy of Ken Underwood. Nina Mazzo created the table’s centerpieces. She built the centerpieces out of old books, carefully folding each page of one of the books, then adding tea bags, old Lincoln post cards and a teacup with a live plant. She also created the hatbox prizes.

There was a menu on parchment paper for each woman. The outside listed the starters, the savories and the sweets. The inside was a brief history of the European tea and two poems. Every morsel of elegant homemade food was served on platters by 15 male waiters dressed in black pants, white shirts and bow ties. Nine of the waiters, directed by Chuck Kaul, then surprised the women by singing to them.

Jean Cross was the leader for the wonderful Wearable Art Fashion Show that followed. All of the fashions were original designs, created by local artists. When I say original, these women made hardware look elegant. Watch out, Paris designers; here comes Lincoln designers.

A special thank you goes to Andy McMurtrie for her fabulous behind-the-scenes crew. Without all of their help and the help of others, too many to name, this afternoon tea never would have happened.

Last, but far from least, a thank-you to the women who attended in support of our second big event for Art League of Lincoln. The first was a theater production, also in Beermann’s. Beermann’s has the atmosphere, that extra touch, a feeling that takes you back to a simpler life, back to the turn-of-the-century.