April rodeo will include queen pageant on Friday

District 3 hosts Special Rodeo
By: Jim Linsdau News Messenger Sports Editor
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The rain held off over the weekend so the California High School Rodeo Association District 3 could get in its seventh event of the season this past weekend. The previous month the “Thundering Three” traveled to Red Bluff for a combined rodeo with District 1, and District 2. This weekend was also special as the District 3 cowboys and cowgirls took time to introduce rodeo to their challenged counterparts and gave the contestants a taste of life in the saddle. The regular competition was keen as the top three candidates in total points for each event are invited to compete in the CHSRA Challenge of Champions to be held in Plymouth March 25-27. Coming up April 13 (the Friday before the rodeo) is the competition for District 3 2012 Rodeo Queen. The reigning queen, Tay Creeks, is a junior at Golden Sierra in Garden Valley and plans to compete once again for the crown. “There are a lot of events that go on,” said Creeks at the March 10-11 rodeo at the Lincoln Arena. “Your job as queen is to know all the rules for every event. The girls have to do a reigning horsemanship pattern so the judges can see your horsemanship skills.” Creeks said her two best events in Rodeo are pole bending and barrel racing. As queen, Creeks said one of her jobs is to get people out to support the rodeo. She also participates in putting together the Special Rodeo. “I think it’s a lot of fun,” said Creeks of high school rodeo. “Starting with the grand entry in the morning to the last event; it’s like a family here. We’re a family.” And like sibling rivalry, when the rodeo action begins it’s every rider, roper, and ‘restler for themselves. The action includes racing through obstacles, roping livestock on the run and tying them against time, and trying to stay on board a horse or bull that wants no part of being ridden. It’s Old West entertainment at its best. There is also the challenge for the Senior All Around title for both boys and girls competing at the high school level. CHSRA also has a junior high division. “My dad ranched for a living when he was younger and that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing,” said Rockford’s Clayton Brum who leads District 3’s boys’ All Around. “I got involved in the rodeo with my brothers and sisters and then just kept going with it.” Brum is a sophomore. After high school rodeo, he plans to compete in college and then consider going professional. Although most all contestants are fans of rodeo, some are considering careers in far different fields. Cheyanne Carpenter, leading in girls All Around, said she plans to become an anesthesiologist. A junior at Lodi High School, Carpenter began riding at a young age when her mother received a horse as an anniversary gift. Carpenter toyed with rodeo and it eventually grew into a passion. “I love breakaway roping,” said Carpenter of her favorite event. “I just fell in love with it and every free chance I got I would practice my roping. It means more than anything to me.” Carpenter expressed her gratitude to her parents for their help, and for the training she was able to get. Once it became evident she had a passion to ride, her parents got her the help she needed to compete. Following are the points standings through February’s Red Bluff event: GIRLS (points in parentheses) Pole Bending – 1. Alix Carpenter (124), 2. Faith Stewart (95), 3. Taylor Biglow (80), 4. Kay Cochran (76). Barrel Racing – 1. Rachel Bertram (110), 2. Jennifer Oakham (101, 3. Angelina Carrion (93), 4. Cierra McClure (92). Breakaway Roping – 1. Katie Rice (129), 2. Cheyanne Carpenter (93), 3. Madison Horton (90), 4. Taylor Biglow (81). Goat Tying – 1. Katie Rice (158), 2. Kay Cochran (130), 3. Annie Rose Seifert (126), 4. Cheyanne Carpenter (106.5). Cutting – 1. Cheyanne Carpenter (142.5), 2. Taylor Biglow (132.5), 3. Katie Rice (131), 4. Hannah Briggs (117). BOYS Bareback – 1. Colton Onyette (100). Saddle Bronc – 1. Clayton Brum (70), 2. Colton Onyett (0). Bull Riding – 1. Tyler Stueve (68), 2. Robert Braiser (64), 3. Colby Demo (55), 4. Clayton Brum (20). Steer Wrestling – 1. Jaed Hare (119), 2. Jesse Clark (53), 3. Riley Jackson (19), 4. Luke Pfister (19). Tie Down Roping – 1. Seth Bowling (133), 2. C.J. Beauregard (108), 3. Clayton Brum (107), 4. Riley Jackson (93). Cutting – 1. Jordan Sparrowk (170), 2. Chase Bisby (146.5), 3. Clayton Brum (122.5), 4. Clayton Biglow (56). TEAM ROPING Header – 1. Clayton Brum (106), 2. Jordan Sparrowk (97), 3. Cheyanne Carpenter (95), 4. Coral Alberi (73). Heeler – 1. Seth Bowling (97), 2. Riley Jackson (95), 3. Tyler Gibbs (82), 4. Katie Rice (73). CHSRA District 3 Rodeo Results as of February District 1 Rodeo at Red Bluff GIRLS – Top Score Pole Bending – Kelsey Giles, 28 points Barrel Racing – Coral Alberi, 30 points Breakaway Roping – Cheyanne Carpenter, 27 points Goat Tying – Kay Cochran, 30 points Cutting – Taylor Biglow, 29 points BOYS – Top Score Bareback – Colton Onyette, 30 points Saddle Bronc – Clayton Brum, 30 points Bull Riding – No score Steer Wrestling – Jaed Hare, 20 points Tie Down Roping – Riley Jackson, 29 points Cutting – Jordan Sparrowk, 30 points TEAM ROPING – Top Score Header – John Myers, 29 points Heeler – C.J. Beauregard, 29 points