April 29 golf tournament to benefit Prince family

By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Reporter
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For Carol Prince, an April 29 golf tournament is more about showing how many support her husband rather than raising funds to help with medical bills. The tournament is a benefit for her husband Dave Prince, 63, who has been battling cancer for the past two years. The Princes have been married for 31 years and have lived in Newcastle, across the border from Lincoln, for 22 years. They have two children, Michael Prince and Kelsi Inabnet, who graduated from Lincoln High School. His son lives in Lincoln and his daughter lives in Oregon. The family belongs to Harvest Time Church. Dave Prince was diagnosed with bladder cancer two years ago, which has since spread to his bones, said his wife. “We don’t know a time frame. We just know that it’s incurable and the chemo is to make him more comfortable and prolong his life as long as possible,” Carol Prince said. “I’d rather have a big party before than after.” Funds raised by the April 29 tournament, which will be at Turkey Creek Golf Club, will help the family cover “monetary costs with the chemo and doctor visits and co-pays,” Carol Prince said. When asked how much she hoped the tournament would raise, Carol Prince said she didn’t “want to put a number out there,” and that it didn’t matter if it raised “$5 or $5,000.” 0“It’s the fact that people are rallying around and supporting him, showing their love and support,” Carol Prince said. “It’s to show my husband how many people will rally around. One of the things I want to accomplish is to celebrate his life and let him know how many people will rally around me at my time of need.” The tournament is being organized by Dana Medina, owner of Southern Links, Inc. Medina said she purchased the golf supply business from Dave Prince a year-and-a-half ago. Medina said she is organizing the tournament out of a “love for the Prince family.” “Dave and Carol have been like parents to me. They’re two people that would give the shirt off their back for anyone else,” Medina said. “For her to be losing her husband, they are so young and so in love still, just with the way they look at each other and the way they act toward each other.” Dave Prince told The News Messenger that he is “looking forward to seeing everybody.” The tournament “was a total surprise,” Dave Prince said, and “it’s just fabulous” that it was planned. While he’s “feeling weak from the chemo” he started Monday, Dave Prince said he’s “doing very good.” “I’m just a happy person. There’s no reason to be depressed,” Dave Prince said. “That’s the way I’m trying to go through this whole thing. I’m choosing to stay positive.” Prior to owning Southern Links, Dave Prince said he owned and operated Penryn Feed Store for 10 years. As for his wife, Dave Prince said, the 31 years he has been married to Carol Prince “has been the most fabulous 32 years of my life.” Carol Prince said her husband’s last name “says it all.” “He’s really a Prince Charming, he really is,” Carol Prince said. “He’s brilliant, he’s kind, he’s steadfast; he’s just a true-to-heart guy.” Sarah Prince, Dave Prince’s daughter-in-law, said she “feels honored” that the tournament is being held. “It allows a day for my husband, his sister and his wife to reflect,” Sarah Prince said. “It’s a celebration of his life.” Sarah Prince said her father-in-law “has been a huge part of my life” for the five years she has been married. She described Dave Prince as a father figure, since she lost her father. “He’s taught me a lot of things and given me advice on things maybe my father would have if he were here,” Sarah Prince said. Medina described Dave Prince as being “like a dad to me.” “He’s the type of guy that would come in and read the newspaper, talk about the day and, if something was bothering you, you could get it off your chest,” Medina said regarding the time Dave Prince was her boss at Southern Links. “I love everything about Dave. There’s nothing I don’t like. He’s got a heart of gold. He’s pure from inside and out. What you see is what you get.” Medina said the tournament will start at 8 a.m. April 29, and a buffet luncheon will be served at 1 p.m. Money will be raised through sponsorships, a raffle and silent auction, since Medina said the cost to play in the tournament will go to the “golf course for tee time and food.” Medina said she is still looking for raffle and silent auction prizes, as well as sponsors for each hole, golf carts and the tournament itself. The tournament is being held at Turkey Creek since Dave Prince used to golf there. Medina said Turkey Creek “have been nice and have been helpful” during the planning of the tournament. Ramon Gonzalez, golf operations manager for Turkey Creek, said his company has purchased supplies from Southern Links, and knows Dave Prince from that. “He’s a neighbor and he lives near us. Those are two motivating factors,” Gonzalez said. “A third factor is Turkey Creek is going to try and work closely with tournaments that are fundraisers. What we’ve found is some people need help that don’t have experience throwing a tournament.” Turkey Creek usually charges tournaments a price to hold the fundraiser, according to Gonzalez. Gonzalez described Dave Prince as “easy to get along with.” “He was very attentive to our needs. He knew us,” Gonzalez said. “He would personally deliver stuff. Particularly because he was a neighbor but I think he would have done it anyway.”