Another Lincoln Hills couple favors Gilbert

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There are certainly plenty of choices for city government in Lincoln this November. Like many other cities, states and the country as whole, it’s no secret we are in deep water financially. All the candidates, from president on down, are talking about their ideas of how to deal with and also correct the wasteful, irresponsible and shortsighted fiscal actions of past governing bodies. The trouble I see is that so few of the candidates have articulated a workable solution. That’s why, as a resident of Lincoln, I am so concerned about whom we elect to the City Council in November. We absolutely cannot afford to have people in the city government who don’t know what they are doing or how to do it. While we need to choose three, from what I see, only one of the candidates truly has the proven experience and track record to demand our vote. That person is Peter Gilbert. He was councilman and then mayor of Foster City, dramatically turning that town’s finances around during his tenure. He was a banker by profession retiring from Wells Fargo as senior vice president. Most recently, he was president of the Sun City Lincoln Hills Community Association. Under Gilbert’s leadership, our association’s finances showed continuous improvement and would now be the envy of almost any other HOA in the country. I urge all Lincoln residents to make the smart choice and vote for Peter Gilbert. Mike and Joyce Creasy, Lincoln