Animal shooters will face time behind bars

By: Penne Usher Journal Staff Writer
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One Lincoln man faces prison time, another jail time, for their admitted connection with multiple animal shootings in the Auburn area. Collin James Lovejoy and Timothy Randall Schulz, both 18, were charged with multiple felony counts including animal cruelty and negligent discharge of a firearm stemming from shooting spree last October. The pair are scheduled to be sentenced May 16, prosecutor Jeff Wilson said Friday. On Feb. 20 Schulz entered a plea agreement and pleaded no contest to three counts of cruelty to an animal. He has been cooperative with investigators and agreed to testify against Lovejoy if necessary, officials said. As part of his plea agreement, Schulz faces a maximum of one year in jail. Lovejoy has pleaded guilty to nine counts of animal cruelty. He faces a maximum of eight years, four months in state prison, Wilson said. Lovejoy, an active duty U.S. Marine, was arrested Oct. 27 and had been charged with 19 felony counts of cruelty to animals and negligent discharge of a firearm stemming from the October shooting spree in rural Auburn. According to court documents, between Oct. 25 and 26, Lovejoy reportedly shot and killed Robin Mcann’s llama and a bull belonging to Pascual Duenas. The third added charge is an additional count of negligent discharge of a firearm. In all, officials report seven animals have been confirmed shot and two victims reported having their lights shot out at different locations along Mt. Pleasant Road, Wise Road and Godley Road in late October. Two goats, two dogs, two bulls, a cow, a chicken and a llama have been confirmed killed with only one goat and one dog surviving gunshot wounds. The Journal’s Penne Usher can be reached at or post a comment on