All Stars batters up!

By: Jim Linsdau/News Messenger and Placer Herald Sports Editor
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It is now officially Little League All Stars mania for what could be the remainder of the season ? or not. In the District 11 spotlight are representatives from Lincoln, Rocklin and Tri-City playing in the 9-10, 10-11, Majors and Juniors tournaments. Only Rocklin has a Seniors All Stars team. All but the 10-11 and Seniors All Stars are engaged in District 11 Area 1 tournaments. The district has two Area tournaments going on in the other divisions and the winners of Area 1 will meet the winner of Area 2 in a double elimination championship. The winner will then represent District 11 in the section tournaments to follow. The All Stars tournaments are double elimination. A team losing its opening game still has a chance to come back and claim the crown. One team will advance without a loss and go into the championship round with an undefeated advantage. If the unbeaten team wins the opening game the championship is theirs; if they lose that first game the championship goes to a second and deciding game. The slate is wiped clean when Area 1 meets Area 2. The Juniors All Stars playing at Rocklin Little League (Twin Oaks Park) are already underway. Auburn advanced to play Rocklin after sending Bear River into the loser?s bracket with an 11-4 decision. Lincoln also moved forward by defeating Tri-City 8-2. The Lincoln All Stars now have to wait until today to play Monday?s winner of the Rocklin vs. Auburn game. Either Bear River or Tri-City will be the first to exit the tournament; the tournament isn?t scheduled to conclude until July 8 or 9 depending on whether the championship round goes one game or two. The 9-10 All Stars of Area 1 assemble at McBean Park in Lincoln to begin their tournament. Tri-City and Bear River got the honor of opening the action Monday at 5 p.m. Rocklin took on Auburn in the nightcap. Lincoln was scheduled to meet the winner of the Tri-City vs. Bear River contest. That game was Tuesday. The 10-11 All Stars opened play Monday in Penn Valley. Rocklin was scheduled to play Bear River and Auburn to play in the late game against Sierra Foothills. This bracket gets complicated since there?s no Area split and it doesn?t conclude until either July 11 or 12. The Majors All Stars are also being played at Rocklin Little League. This is the one that starts on the road to Williamsport, Pa. It?s a long, hard road but features a lifetime of memories for those able to travel it. Tri-City and Bear River opened Majors Area 1 play at 5 p.m. on Monday with Lincoln and Auburn playing in the 7:30 game. Rocklin played the winner of the first game on Tuesday and the winner of the Lincoln-Auburn tilt played the Tuesday winner at 7:30 today. These players are the best from each league represented in the tournament. It?s great baseball and it?s free. Sure, they charge at the snack bar but what you get doubles in value ? it?s delicious and the money goes to support Little League Baseball.