Alex Joe thanks Jean Lund

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I have written for many publications over the years and published quite a few documents for many, many editors and publishers. But never have I written for the likes of Jean Lund at The Lincoln News Messenger. In that regard, Ms. Lund has allowed my expression of ideas. I have experimented with text, ideas and content in my meager effort to inform.  

For the last two presidential inaugurations, I wrote reasons why I felt it was good for the country. In so doing, I expressed opinions opposed by the citizens of Placer County. In spite of that reality, I was given a forum in the newspaper that helped promote diversity of thought. It was refreshing for me to have that level of latitude. I owe a debt of gratitude to Ms. Lund. 

A couple of years ago, we met to talk about Relay for Life. Jean was kind and accommodating in helping the relay group use the newspaper to talk to the public about the level of support needed to make the event a success. We advertised using public service announcements (PSAs) and other tools of the newspaper that Jean felt would help. Each time I have requested help with a project or interest, Jean assisted and made the project work. 

I really appreciate the friendliness and compassion Jean has extended to Lincoln. She has been important to community cohesiveness. Ms. Lund holds a special place for me because of her kind approaches and her professional ways. She is exacting while possessing a heart for our goals. 

I want to acknowledge the source of my joy and wish Jean the very best in her retirement from a job she has done well. She deserves this opportunity to move forward in ways that please her. Good luck, Jean. 

 Alex R. Joe, Lincoln High School teacher