Advice: wait three days

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 The recent news about Alexis Herrera is just too tragic. Another one.

So much copy, so much help going out to the family. Most of us cannot imagine

feeling so desperate or despondent that you would take your own life.

When our three kids were 6, 8 and 10, I went back to college. My husband was

teaching and coaching in Palo Alto and I’d had perhaps an existential crisis the

summer of 1970. Finishing my education became a top priority. A special program within San Jose State University, tailor-made for students ready to run. I’d finished my lower-division work at SFSC in 1957-plus.

We created field work projects in local communities and had to find a sponsor, where we had professors in all the disciplines. And had to create a 10-unit senior thesis to graduate. We had to bring a local sponsor to the “verbal final” after submitting our thesis.

Mine was 40 pages on “Leisure and Longevity at Adlai Stevenson House, Palo Alto.”

Grace Harter, one of the senior residents, had majored in English and agreed to come

with me to the final.

She told me that scary day in the car en route to San Jose of her mantra: “wait three days.”

I never forgot it.

 As she explained, and I was learning in my psychology minor and from other sources, humans have biorhythms or whatever you want to call it. We are made up of physical, mental and emotional components. They all waver up and down during a 28-day-or-so cycle. When all three are “at the bottom,” we are seriously at risk.

Dear Grace said that important day, “Don’t quit school or the job, file for divorce or break up with someone you love, kick the dog, give corporal punishment to the kids, move out or jump off the bridge.  Wait three days.”

Knowing this has worked for me. A great motto!

Parent, neighbor, teacher, coach, church - there is a mentor out there for you. I bet you could even call The Messenger for a referral! Remember that in three days, your body changes. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. Things improve!

Linda Price Williams, Lincoln