Adam’s Ribs get barbecued

By: Carol Smiles Special to The News Messenger
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It was five and dime poker night at Harve’s. His wife was scheduled to play Bunco with friends, but the flu bug bit. She wrapped up tight in a flannel robe, sipped on a cup of medicinal herb tea and planned to sleep through the sound of shuffling cards, chips and disgruntled man talk when someone got dealt pairs of deuces. That was the plan. Unfortunately, the game room walls are made of paper and occasional snatches of male laughter and homilies filtered through and penetrated the flu bug fog. Unlike the Bunco ladies, poker guys don’t lament their age. They seem to think that years only add wisdom and experience and a patina of “God’s Gift to Women” shine. With a rooster crow, one player counted his pot of 65 cents and commented that he could now take his new lady friend out to dinner for a Big Mac. “Don’t spend it all on one date,” he was advised. Someone else suggested the windfall be used to buy groceries for a cozy home-cooked dinner. Everyone agreed that hamburgers on the grill was a winner and maybe the lady in question could be made to feel really special … and needed … by letting her do the dishes before putting in a video. Backslapping and rib-jabbing were audible and made quite an eye-opening look into the male psyche. Flu bug or not, she decided that next Bunco night was a must-go, if only to enjoy some adult conversation. – Carol Smiles is a friend and submitted this “retaliation” to Jack Fabian’s column in the LNM May 8 issue poking fun at what the Venus gender considers “important stuff.”