Act together to be great

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Is raising taxes the only way we can keep our government from defaulting on its loans? We are told that we must all make sacrifices but what about Congress? It would go a long way to provide the funds to keep our government operational if we weren’t obligated to pay our representatives retirement benefits as soon as they leave office.

What about the free Cadillac medical care and the fact that their children do not have to repay college loans? Are any of us eligible for this type of preferential treatment? And what about the duplicate programs, the congressional pork and the highly paid, unnecessary personal on the administration’s staff? Eliminating these would certainly help to provide the additional funds so that raising taxes might not be necessary.

Perhaps what we need is a part-time Congress that would not attempt to justify their jobs by wasting time creating ridiculous regulations that strangle small businesses.

Sadly, we are no longer a nation working toward a common goal but on a path of divide and conquer. Only by working together can we hope to achieve the greatness we once were, a strong nation, beholden to no one, a beacon of freedom and hope for the rest of the world.

M. Elizabeth Lawrence, Lincoln