Bass are moving up
By: Jim Linsdau, Sports Editor
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Salmon season is off to a slow start; the kokanee are pretty much done for the year and the trout are still very deep. So what is there to fish for? – Bass!

Fall is a great time for bassin’ around here. The cooler water will bring them back to the usual points and rocky ledges, as they are looking to fatten up for the winter. On a recent outing at Camp Far West I found plenty of action.

The lake is holding at about 50 percent of full, but still fine for launching. One of the advantages at this time of year is there is a great drop off on recreational boaters. I was one of only five boats on the water.

The bad news, on this day the wind had kicked up to 10 mph, which made it hard to keep the boat in one spot. I moved around trying to find some shelter and eventually moved over to the north side of the lake and started finding fish.

The best action came on a small, white, Keitech “Swing Impact” swim bait. Every fish I landed was gorging on shad and the Keitech imitates shad perfectly. I did manage a few on drop-shot rigs.

I fished from 7 a.m. to noon and I landed 15 fish, with a couple of nice ones hitting 2 pounds. Most of the fish were caught along a rocky slope in 10-20 feet of water. I marked a lot of fish deeper, but they did not want to bite.

I saw a lot of top-water action too, so for those that like to target these fish the fall is a great time. Personally, I don’t have much luck with the top-water fish.

A sensitive rod is a must for bass fishing, in order to detect the subtle bites. I am currently using a 7-inch Shimano Clarus, medium-heavy fast-action rod for the swimbaits. For drop-shotting, I use a 7-inch St. Croix Mojo rod. Both rods have Pfluger ”President” spinning reels spooled with 8-pound fluorocarbon line.

Salmon Fishing

 For salmon anglers, things are picking up in the Sac Metro area, although the consensus is that the best action is yet to come. Right now it’s a matter of being on the water when a push of fish comes through.

Folks who are willing to put in the hours are catching fish, but the numbers are not great and the smaller sizes represent the early season; a lot of fish are less than 10 pounds.

I put in an eight-hour trolling trip with Jack “Bass Jack” Naves last Friday and we didn’t have so much as a single hit. He went out again on Sunday and managed one fish that went 8 pounds.

When Bass Jack is getting skunked, you know it’s a tough bite.