Candidates need a serious ethics makeover

By: Peach Best
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I will say this is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me! I am appalled by the recent letter titled "Chairwoman says city of Lincoln Growth Report was not politically-based." After reading other articles that have stemmed before this and the carelessness plus unethical ideology that some of the candidates perceive, I am just completely beside myself as a Del Webb resident and voter.

 It is disturbing to think that candidates can think they will influence others for "certain beneficial exposures" especially here in Del Webb where it is well known and highly targeted where the majority of registered voters come out of. Then once caught, some come out to admit that "I have recently been asked to serve on Dan's election committee."

 Thank you for admitting that! But I can't help to laugh over the previous line that "I am concerned that our Communications and Community Relations Committee's motives and integrity would be called into question." You are absolutely correct it will be called into question after that whole expose!

It really makes us voters and residents of Del Webb and all of Lincoln question the ethics and integrity of candidate Dan Karleskint and Peter Gilbert, along with the Del Webb Communications and Community Relations Committee. Thank you, Lincoln News Messenger, for publishing those articles!

Peach Best, Lincoln