Jim Datzman is correct

By: Dave Myers,
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Jim Datzman's column in your Sept. 6th paper (page 4, “Public safety services in Lincoln. Is this an accident waiting to happen?”) was exactly right. 

I would add that, as important and appreciated as the SRO (school resource officer) at Lincoln High School is, professional student-safety personnel at Glen Edwards and Twelve Bridges Middle Schools is non-existent. 

Now that the topic of community safety seems to be regularly open for discussion, I urge the mayor, the City Council and Western Placer Unified School District to prioritize their work to develop a long-term budget that will adequately staff our police and fire departments as well as professional school safety personnel. 

Put this topic on every City Council and school board meeting agenda and make it happen. The public is behind you on this.

 Mr. Datzman is correct. We know the problem exists. If we do nothing, we will eventually look back at a tragic situation and regret that we didn't do more.  


Dave Myers, Lincoln