Loomis Basin Brewery Gastropub expands downtown

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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The Loomis Basin Brewery Gastropub is adding an extension on the corner of Taylor and Horseshoe Bar roads in Loomis by the end of the year, according to owner Kenny Gowan. 
 “I’d like to complete the expansion project by the end of the year or at least by early 2019,” Gowan said. 
Currently, the gastropub at 3640 Taylor Road is 1,500 square feet, according to Gowan, and 1,500 more square feet is being added.
“My aim here was to essentially double our size,” he said. 
Gowan decided to expand after having a roundtable discussion with his employees. 
“The whole premise of doing this was after a really long but great  meeting with my staff. I didn’t expect (the gastropub) to be this busy when we originally opened in 2016,” Gowan said. “I just know by the feeling and amount of volume we do that everyone needs a little breathing room. 
Gowan stressed that it would cater to the weather like the current location does.
“It had to have weather proven-misters and heaters like we have outside our patio now,” Gowan said. “
The new expansion will be constructed in three phases. First, there will be new barn doors to seal off a new banquet room. 
“So now we can have private parties and private birthday parties to help alleviate guests from the current space we have now,” Gowan said. “There will be more comfy booth-style seating areas as well to accommodate large families and groups of kids.” 
The extra space can cater to local events and reduce wait times. 
The project’s second phase will be a prep kitchen or a cold kitchen. 
“That way, I can take the walk-in freezer out of here but it will free up about 36 square feet for us,” Gowan said. “We currently have such little storage that now after this expansion, our limitation on food in terms of options size production will go way up. This will help everything.”
The project’s third phase focuses on the Taylor Road side (the former Subway) and will be a set of deli cases and hot food cases. There will also be an espresso and coffee service station in the morning, according to Gowan. 
“This will be dedicated to a grab-and-go type service. This will be geared toward a quick lunch or people who need a pre-cold baguette or some of our awesome smoked brisket enchiladas,” Gowan said. “If people want to order two full briskets or two pounds of pulled pork, this will be the place to get it.”