Homicide not ruled out in Roseville home explosion

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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A suspicious Aug. 2 house explosion in Roseville that left a father dead and his daughter temporarily hospitalized is still under investigation. Law enforcement officials say “everything is on the table” in terms of the cause of death, including homicide. 
Kevin Jon Hourigan, 48, of Roseville died in the explosion’s fire, according to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office. 
Hourigan’s cause of death is not known yet, according to Lt. Andrew Scott of the Placer County Sheriff's Investigation Division on Thursday. Toxicology reports came back, which did not indicate the cause of death, according to Scott. 
Lt. Andrew Scott dismissed several rumors by neighbors who talked to Gold Country Media on Wednesday.
“There was no bomb, no federal agents. He (Hourigan) did not work for Capitol Security, which is a function of CHP. We are still investigating and still have not released a cause of death at this point,” Scott said. “So I would say everything is still on the table. I can say that the neighbors ‘rumor mill’ is entirely off on their reports.”  
Gold Country Media asked if this was a homicide.
 “I can’t say yes or no,” Scott said. “However, we have not determined conclusively if the cause of death is a suicide, accidental or a homicide at this point.” 
“We have to look at this as in terms of what the evidence is telling us, not what the neighbors are saying,” Scott said. “As we go through this investigation, we will narrow down the possibilities until we come to a conclusion.”