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Today's item is a national history question

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Answers to what this week’s mystery item is can vary, depending on what part of the country the reader calls home.

If you know what this week’s item is and whether you or someone you know used it, please send answers to by Tuesday.

Last week’s mystery item

Larry Lynn: “A little difficult to see the picture but my guess is a holster for firearms.”

Paul Long: “This week’s mystery item is a military Calvary leg gaiter. They were used even in World War I. At the start of World War II, the Calvary was turned into the tank core. It also was the start of the Army Air Core, which became the Air Force.”

While the first answer above was the runner-up, the second answer above was the correct answer for last week’s mystery item.

The mystery item pictured last week is from a pair of military leggings. The leather pair, featured at the Lincoln Area Archives Museum, was used by someone in the Army Calvary during World War I. Leggings protected the individual’s legs from brush, debris and the elements.

In 1917, the Army adapted leather face canvas leggings for mounted soldiers to replace the leather puttees used since 1908. The infantry and other services also used various leg protectors. Other names for the protective leg gear include canvas lace-up leggings, gaiters and ankle guards, etc. All were leg and or ankle protectors, according to museum docents.

Check out the Lincoln Area Archives Museum at 640 5th St. to find out about Lincoln and this country's past.

- Carol Feineman