The amazing world of Topgolf

Media night
By: Jim Linsdau of The Placer Herald/News Messenger
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ROSEVILLE – There are some perks to being a member of the media and it sometimes goes well beyond free admission to cover whatever might be the reporter’s area of expertise.

Such was the invitation to experience Topgolf, the new “golfing” facility in Roseville located near the Blue Oaks Boulevard Exit off Highway 65. The actual address is 1700 Freedom Way, a new street intersecting Washington Boulevard.

The facility hosted Media Taste and Tour last week, with a sizable crowd of journalists participating. Those parking outside the VIP area were greeted by a limo golf cart and transported to the entrance.

After a registration in the lobby, guests were ushered into the spacious bar area and greeted by dozens of high-def television screens and some delightful waiters known as associates. These associates offered hors d’oeuvres. Complimentary drinks were served, with guests seated at tables, booths and the bar.

The crowd was then led into a spacious meeting room, complete with video monitors and a small side bar. Some of Topgolf’s executives gave brief explanations as to what Topgolf was all about and it became increasingly evident it was not just about golf.

“Walking in, you’re going to be blown away. It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen or experienced in your life,” said Topgolf Roseville Marketing Manager Bobbi Pack. “It’s amazing. The atmosphere is awesome.”

Those used to driving ranges, including those with upper decks, would have to agree with Pack. Topgolf is not a glorified driving range. There are accommodations for the entire family, golfers or non-golfers.

Following the presentation, everyone was invited onto the second-floor balcony where the golfing bays were located. There are tables and chairs at each bay where patrons can eat, while sharpening their game or their wit commenting on the play of others.

The prime rib buffet was as good as advertised and topped off with donut holes. The donut holes came with syringes filled with chocolate and raspberry syrups to be injected into the donut holes – very tasty.

For the many who tried their hand at golf, the bays come equipped with seven computerized games. Depending on one’s skill level or desired skill level, each game offered different challenges, including a scramble.

“Golf is an amazing game; it’s an amazing sport. It’s a beautiful sport actually,” Pack said. “(A person) might be intimated by the golf course. Topgolf is not intimidating. A lot of our guests are not golfers.”

Now open for business, the bays will be rented by the hour with the price dependent on the time of day, the evening hours being the higher price. The rental price is good for six persons per bay, all can play, and for those who do not bring their own clubs there are clubs available at no charge.

For non-golfers, the spacious lounge is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner and the food served during the media tour was terrific.

“(To put a) smile on their face making sure of the quality of food going out to the guests every single time is the right way,” said sous-chef Will Thompson. “If what we do isn’t what you would serve to your mom then we don’t serve it to anybody else. Bring it to me.”

Perhaps most notable on the night was the fun everyone was having, including the associates.

Seve Delgado, the national director of culinary operations, said Topgolf is run with a family atmosphere for guests and associates alike. Delgado said she gave up a catering business to go to work for Topgolf and has been with the company for eight years.

“It’s the family environment that we inject into them when we bring them on as part of our team,” said Delgado of the associates. “I was running a catering business for about four years and needed to take a little break after 752 weddings. It’s been an amazing eight years.”

And it is an amazing place; Roseville can be proud to be the first Topgolf facility in California – the only one so far. There are 28 facilities around the country and three in the United Kingdom. There are also eight more being built.

Topgolf may not be for everyone, but one would be remiss not to check it out.