City manager must share

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The firing of Chief Marks has been on my mind now ever since it happened.

I have been waiting for the city manager to let us all know the reason for this firing and how much it is costing the city. 

This is a cloud hanging over not only the city manager but also our city. 

When it first happened, I wrote a letter to all of the City Council members and also (City Manager) Matt Brower. I have received two responses, one from Stan Nader and one from Peter Gilbert. They both say the City Council had nothing to do with it, that it is on the back of the city manager. 

I know the city manager does have the power to fire any city employee but a chief of police or a fire chief are two main employees. The city manager should discuss this with the City Council and the information should be shared with our city!

Lena Labosky, Lincoln