Three running for two open City Council seats

By: Steve Archer, Reporter
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Lincoln voters will have three new faces to choose from in November to replace outgoing City Councilman Gabriel Hydrick and Mayor Stan Nader, and at least one woman will be elected.

Hydrick and Nader are not running for re-election. Instead, the City Council ballot will include Dan Cross, Holly Woods Andreatta and Alyssa Silhi.

Dan Cross

Cross, a Lincoln Planning Commission member, said he is concerned about public safety, ensuring reliable delivery of city services, preserving neighborhood parks and open spaces, and having healthy economic development.

There are two ways to improve revenue to the General Fund, Cross said.

“You can raise taxes, which I oppose, or increase the revenue that goes into the General Fund by executing our award-winning, 50-year General Plan,” Cross said. “I feel like the General Plan was approved in 2004, that growth stalled and the General Plan is just getting on track now.

“It’s our responsibility to follow the General Plan, stick to it and execute it as it was designed,” Cross added. “The city worked hard for six years and 23 public meetings to craft the General Plan. It divides Lincoln into seven villages that are only now being designed and coming to fruition. I support the General Plan because it deals with residential, commercial, retail and growth as well as addressing public safety.”

Cross said he attended several of the public meetings for the General Plan and was Planning Commission chairman when the General Plan came before the commission. It was recommended to the City Council in 2008.

Alyssa Silhi

Alyssa Silhi is a Lincoln Economic Development Committee member and a former government affairs worker in Sacramento.

Silhi decided to run because she wanted to see a City Council race with a campaign.

“I was approached and encouraged to run when Mayor Nader announced he was not seeking re-election,” Silhi said. “It was a last-minute decision but the voters deserve a choice. Two candidates running for two seats is no way to run an election.”

“I’m a firm believer in the democratic process,” Silhi added. “This is an opportunity for new voices.”

Silhi said she has spent nearly a decade working in government affairs at the state level; two contract lobbying firms, a nonprofit researching public health; and as an educational political strategist. Silhi was previously registered as lobbyist.

“I think my skills translate well,” Silhi said. “I think I can make a difference; I’m motivated and I love Lincoln, I want to see it grow. I want to see the General Plan implemented carefully and sustainably. I think we will have a great community if it is implemented properly over the next 20 years.”

As her children have gotten older, Silhi said, “I wanted to get more involved in community.”

“My kids aren’t that old so I have a vested interest in Lincoln,” Silhi said.

Holly Woods-Andreatta

Woods-Andreatta, who ran unsuccessfully for City Council in 2016 by coming in fifth, is running again to bring a change to City Hall.

“The main reason I’m running is because I’m concerned with the level of transparency, honesty and integrity of the current council,” Woods-Andreatta said. “I think the city deserves a council that will listen and take into account the needs, concerns and ideas of the residents.

“The issues that concern me are tied to reasons I am running,” Woods-Andreatta added. “The current council rubberstamps everything and the citizens end up paying for it.”

The main issues she is concerned with are development, public safety and water.

“It’s time for a new perspective on our City Council,” Woods-Andreatta said. “My strategy is the same this time. I learned a lot from the first time I ran. I will walk more precincts this time, my website is better and I have more of an online presence. I built a lot of momentum the first time around.”